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How to: Let's Create a Breathtaking Display

Jewelry is not just something beautiful to fill your space with - with effective display, marketing and buying it can turn 10% of your space into where more than 50% of your profit comes from. I love designing, creating and making jewelry that is full of good vibes and intention. I also have love seeing all the ways jewelry can take your dream and turn it into the way that you create wealth in your life.

Below I have a few photos of the top selling sections in our space, each with an idea that is really worth trying on for size!

1. Clear Pricing and Contrasting Backgrounds

Above is the case where we display some of our sterling silver pendants. When these aren't on a meaning card, we make sure to display them on a contrasting background. The dark wood gives these flashy beauties something to shine off of. When you are working with crystals like Moonstone, Labradorite and Opal; making sure their beautiful fire and flash is highlighted is a must in finding them their forever homes. We also really like to make price tags as accessible as possible. If you need to keep some items in a jewelry case or you simply don't have an employee always available to talk to - this customer facing price tag empowers them to ask to see pieces or decide on a purchase without being wary over the price point. This also quickly helps someone to decide if something is a possibility for them today or if they are going to move onto to something else. Empowering shopping experience for the win!

2. Work the Layers

When creating any display, but especially with jewelry, creating a variation of heights to draw the eye in, is super important. Height is something fairly easy to create with display stands, blocks of wood, antique boxes or books; really anything that will create more than one level for all the products to sit on. The height draws in curiosity. Once they are drawn in, it also allows for the practical, of customers being able to see all the options you have curated for them. I really like to take my sections and let all the labradorite live together. This again empowers the customer by showing them all of their options and letting them make an informed decision.

3. Lean into the Drama of Display - THINK BIG

When we opened our storefront we wanted to make sure that some of our most popular lines were given the love and magic they deserved. Beaded bracelets are something we have always seen major success with. From retail to wholesale, no matter what is going on with the world or economy, everyone and anyone can afford and fall in love with a beaded bracelet. So we decided to actually take a focal wall in the store and create a display that made our hearts happy. We organized them by Chakra, curated a huge selection, made everything feel aesthetically fabulous and have steadily expanded it over time. Take a moment to think what your best selling items are at the store. Do they stand out? Have you gone all in on displaying these customer favorites? Allow your mind to wander down this display rabbit hole and see what your beautiful brain creates. It doesn't need to take up a huge wall, but giving the products that are already serving us well some extra love can bring nothing but magic into our stores.

4. Display these Beauties in their Natural Habitat

Okay, this is one of my favorites. Displaying crystals jewelry with their crystal counterparts is a simple, effective and beautiful way to share more of our favorite crystals with the world! This does not need to be complicated, simply find a tumble, rough, or statement version of the jewelry you are setting up. Using the elements above - heights, contrast and a little drama - allow the mineral addition to be the finishing touch in sharing the new pieces with your community. I like to think of the family getting back together when we do this.😂 Whatever you do, allow these new displays and ideas to bring joy, light and love into your space. No one opens a store with beautiful crystals and jewelry who doesn't have a deep love for the mineral world. Share it.

5. Connect to a Theme and Let the Creativity Flow

Last but certainly not least - think of seasons, themes or support that you find your customers asking about. Are they interested in stones for self love around valentines day? Do they want to know what crystals would be supportive during the Spring Equinox? We found that we always had people coming in, looking for help with birthday gifts, who also had an interest in the zodiac calendar. This started a zodiac section that we've been running for about year in the store. People come in specifically to find stones for the season - for themselves, as gifts, or just because it sparks their curiosity. Just as I wrote about above - this gives a level of power back to the customer. It allows them to come in, get curious and learn about something new on their own terms. Our staff is super helpful, but we find that displays that inform and educate are a really popular tool for highlighting just why you selected these special things for your space.

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