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Why it Matters?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

My wife and I own a crystal shop and a wholesale jewelry business. When we take the time to look back on how different our life is now, from when we met 7 years ago, it always leaves us in some version of awe. Awe of how different our relationship with money and abundance is. Awe of all the relationships that have entered our lives. But I think mostly, awe of what has come to be, once we started listening to our dreams and moving towards them. The power of acting from a place of authenticity, instead of obligation.

When we first met, I was living through some pretty deeply rooted trauma from losing my Dad, suddenly, at the age of 18. With a lot of masculine energy flowing through me, my way of processing turned into doing. So I worked about 30 hours a week while also attending college full time. It felt like the obvious thing to do - to not give up, to survive. Looking back I have so much empathy and love for that heartbroken, passionate, tenacious version of myself. Flash forward to my mid twenties and my work obsessed self was alive and well. Always throwing my whole heart into someone else's dream and businesses. Uncomfortable and terrified of sitting in silence with my own mind and dreams. Full of health issues that felt like too much from someone my age to be experiencing. This is where my active journey of healing my trauma and learning from it; hearing my body and nurturing it; and hearing my dreams and living into them began.

I started making crystal jewelry and found it deeply meditative. Looking back it is so clear to me that the melding of creation, quiet, and productivity was the perfect gateway on my journey of self discovery. I have always loved sharing what I am passionate about and this feeling only bloomed as that passion grew from within, from my own business. As we grew from a maker’s market kind of business, into a full fledged wholesale jewelry business, my inner voice grew louder. I loved meeting and working with small business owners who, most of which, bet all they had to turn their dreams into a reality. The grittiness and passion felt like a perfect match for my own inner workings.

After the isolation of Covid, I also heard the call loud and clear that community needed to be at the centre of whatever I moved forward doing with my life. Alone I was a person with a passion. With other people, we could bear witness to, hold space for and be in support of discovering the best versions of our lives.

Of creating a life that lit them up.

So we opened a storefront, to be a space stood for the power and beauty of transformation. We fill our space with pieces of magic from the earth, to aid people on their journey of transformation and self discovery. When you create a space for people to come into freely, full of curiosity, full of love and full of intention - it creates a ripple.

This ripple can spread so much further than we are ever able to see. Let’s say someone purchases a pendant made with Labradorite - a crystal that supports the energy of transformation and divine action. When they walk out of your space they read the meaning card goes with it. They are going through a huge time of change in their life and and cannot believe how well this crystal aligns with where they are. As they wear it each day, they think about that magic they felt when they learned about this stone. It becomes a talisman and a reminder of the intention they are living into. That this change is a powerful transformation for them, that it is guided by the universe and that they have got this!

When we give people the tools to add intention into their daily routines, the impact is something endless. This is one small example that we’ve heard from the people we get to call our customers. This is a tiny drop in the bucket. Each one of you has taken a chance on yourself and your dreams. Each one of you creates ripples that flow throughout your community, through yourself and throughout the world.

Business + intention + intuition = the kind of world I want to live in.

So keep following your gut, sharing your most authentic self with the world and witnessing the magic all around.

Sending you so much love,


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