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What This Holiday Season Taught Me.

This season felt very different from those of the past. The holiday rush came in at very unexpected times, the items people were looking for surprised me and the general energy leading up to this time felt like a lesson coming our way. I will start off by saying - every single customer - wholesale or retail is something that we are truly grateful for! Connecting with you, helping to fill your life with some extra magic, is an honor and a joy. Often times the most effective lessons are those we feel on a deep level. We had experienced a slower autumn than what we expected and it got us all up in our feelings about what was coming in the winter. So often when we have a down week or a challenging experience we simply talk about how the holidays are coming and how they always bring a rush of abundance into the store. This lead my sweet brain down a little rabbit hole - I was looking for and leaning into the possibility of tomorrow to shift the energy of today. That did not feel quite right. It brought me back to when I was in the service industry, standing around on a Saturday night due to an unexpected lull, and the conversation always turned to - Why is it so slow? Have you heard about the weather coming in? Are the Packers playing? 😂 Should we have added new specials? Did someone post on social today?---Needless to say, this rarely resulted in a rush of customers through the door. 😅

The energy of looking towards blame, a finger to point at an outside source, just never left me feeling all that inspired. I see how when we get into this space, especially when it feels like your livelihood lives in the answers, that it can be a dark place to visit. So next time you feel yourself going there - take a breath with me and lets lean into the lesson. I always say to Michelle, if every single thing was overflowing and perfect in our -business, home, family, etc- we never would have learned this lesson or had this brilliant new idea. So below are a few simple, but really impactful ideas that have resulted from growing moments this year!

  1. If there is no love, joy or inspiration that washes over me about a new idea, event or product - then it is not for me. I did not get into the market of owning a crystal and jewelry business to fill my life with things that just give me a "meh" feeling. So I don't. Every time we have purchased something or hosted something that didn't sit quite right it always lead to a lesson moment. That lesson coming through loud and clear - listen to your emotions and your gut. You run a business that is directly linked to people growing through honoring their emotions. You have built the foundation of your business on love, so your heart center holds a special place in its growth.

  2. Just because it doesn't look like last year or the year before, doesn't mean there isn't something magical afoot. This years sales in no way lined up with what last year looked like. The items that sold, the average ticket price, even the busiest and slowest days were all inconsistent. We had some feels about it and then just decided to be present during our days. Commit to the experience with each customer, move and shift energy in the store during the pauses in sales and acknowledge all the abundance that is flowing in. There are a million factors as to why things ebb and flow in sales. But it never helps to dive into the hole of why's. The energy you spend the most time in, is the energy you attract. It is exactly the point to feel your feelings, examine what and why they are coming up and then move through them. Where it gets sticky is when we stay stewing in them and forgot to look up and see what new energy is waiting to flow in.

  3. Thinking small is not why you started this business. If you have met me in person, I think its easy to see that I am a bit of a dreamer. I love spending time traveling in my mind to all places I want to grow and go in my life. When I get too caught up in the daily tasks and worries - it clogs my minds ability to connect on the daily with all the big places I am going to grow. So when you feel that way, ask yourself - why did I start this? What would five years ago me think of my life today? What can I acknowledge myself for today? Give yourself a moment to be in awe of the life you've already created and soak that all in. You are creating a business that allows your heart center to hold a seat at the table. How badass is that?

What lesson do you feel you learned this year?

  • How to to work with my emotions as a superpower

  • How to stock aligned and profitable inventory

  • Where my personal energy is best spent in my business

I am truly so grateful that we get to grow our businesses and abundance together. Thank you for each order and we look forward to bringing you lots of beautiful goodies in the new year!

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